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Isildur1 wins Superstar Showdown match against Daniel Cates

Despite having a very rough January at the online poker tables, Isildur1 –no known to be Swedish poker pro Viktor Blom—has done quite well in the high-profile Superstar Showdown matches that have been setup by PokerStars.  Entering this Sunday’s match against his toughest opponent to date, Daniel ‘w00ki3z’ Cates, Blom was 1 -1 having lost to Isaac Haxton but besting Tony G.

After handily beating Cates –best known as jungleman12 over at Full Tilt Poker-- by over $50,000, Isildur1’s reputation as one of the premiere heads-up No Limit Holdem players is still intact. Isildur1’s losses have mostly come at the PLO tables –even when he was playing at Full Tilt Poker—and it’s his No Limit Holdem play that keep the railbirds coming back for more and touting his unbelievable poker skills, even though Blom is one of online poker’s most losing players over the past year.

Blom is also getting credit for a new play at the online poker tables; the river overbet. This is a play that we haven’t seen very much of from other players, but one that Blom makes quite often, and with great success. I’m sure the nosebleed players are all crunching numbers as I write this on the best ways to counteract this play.

After the match a quick chat occurred between Isildur1 and fellow PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu which hints at a potential matchup between the two:

“KidPoker (TeamPro): good game guys

KidPoker (TeamPro): well done Isildur

Isildur1: ty

KidPoker (TeamPro): email me later

Isildur1: yep

Isildur1: bye

KidPoker (TeamPro): I have some questions about the rules

Isildur1: kk”

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