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Zynga Poker Review

Zynga Poker (  is currently operated on facebook as a facebook application developed & run by Zynga. All you need is a facebook account and you can play with your friends at facebook as well as thousands of other players all over the world.

Zynga Poker Software

Zynga Poker has developed their own texas hold-em software that they currently run as a facebook application. You will need to have a facebook account (who doesn't have one of those?) and you will be able to join the poker site.

After you have joined Zynga Poker you will be able to sit down and play against thousands of other poker players. You can also see who of your friends play's zynga poker by looking at the bottom of the screen under the recently played tab which shows their facebook picture along with the chips they have accumulated while playing.

Zynga Traffic

Zynga is one of the largest free money poker sites with over 300,000 players on at any given time.

Zynga Winners Circle Rewards

Zynga offers a winners circle rewards club for players that sign up for their mailing list which is free. It gives players a chip bonus as well as eligibility to play in shootouts for prizes including iPods & Tvs. Zynga has also announced that they are currently creating a daily chip gift and customized poker face for rewards members which has not been released yet but is coming soon. You do not have to sign up for the mailing list and can click the red X in the upper right corner to skip it (You will likely opt out of receiving a bunch of zynga e-mailers about their products and new games).

Zynga Experience & Achievements

Zynga offers players a chance to track their poker play not only with the chips they win but also experience levels. They start at Fish and by playing hands, winning chips and other poker accomplishments they can move up. The same can be said for achievements which keeps track of what major things you have done at the tables. Including really non-achievements like welcome wagon...after you sit down at the poker table you get an achievement.

Buying Poker Chips for Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is free to play and you will be given chips to start to play with. If you would instead like to jump ahead and play higher limits you are also able to buy chips. You can spend $2 dollars for 150k in chips all the way up to 60 million chips for $125 dollars.

You can also purchase casino gold which starts at 10 casino gold for $2 dollars up to 1,660 casino gold for $75 dollars.

Zynga Poker also allows you to get chips by completing offers like signing up for a trial of netflix or subscribing to New York Times newspaper subscription. Each has a different chip value that likely changes but at the moment of the review they give you about a million chips each.

You can not cash out of Zynga poker because it only offers "free" poker. So buying chips is unnecessary especially since they give you chips when you come back everyday.

Zynga Poker Overall Review Thoughts

Zynga has a good experience for players looking to play online with their friends. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that is actually into poker. I would say you should play at online poker sites that allow you to play for real money especially if you are thinking of buying chips at Zynga Poker.