Best Poker Sites for 2010


Top rated poker sites that accepts American players

Being a poker player in America these days can be somewhat frustrating and you might struggle to find the answers you need. The good news is that you really don’t need to worry, the top poker sites in the world still accept American business and you don’t need to look any further than these rooms to find everything you could want. We have analyzed the best us poker sites and found the absolute best ones in the categories of player action, bonuses, reload bonuses and the player experience. Below you will find our summaries and conclusions for the best of the best in each category, if you have any questions, make sure to contact us right away!

Best Poker Traffic and Player Action


Top Rated PokerSitesPoker Stars is the unanimous winner when it comes to player traffic. Poker Stars is the hands down champion of game selection, tournaments and action at every level imaginable. This long time online poker veteran constantly holds the top spot at for the highest traffic, making it the absolute best choice for American players looking to jump right into a game and keep busy for hours! Not to mention Poker Stars offers several different deposit and cash out methods for American players that are all very fast and reliable.

The great thing about Poker Stars is that it offers consistent action at almost every game out there. They even have consistent offerings of less popular games like five card draw and seven card stud. Players will find a great selection of both limit and no limit games and packed tables from micro limits all the way up to high limits. You will really have to look to find a game that isn’t consistently going at Poker Stars.

Tournament players will also be very happy at Poker Stars. They offer guaranteed multi table tournaments each and every day, plus they have a daunting schedule of regular tournaments that offers more than enough to keep even the most dedicated tournament players busy. Keep in mind that Poker Stars also has an amazing selection of both single table and multi table sit and go tournaments as well. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a tournament, you’ll be able to find it at Poker Stars.

Runner up (Full Tilt Poker)

Although Poker Stars is the undisputed king of online poker traffic, there are a few others are worth mentioning to American Players. Full Tilt Poker has done an excellent job in attracting and keeping players over the years and it shows. They offer an amazing tournament schedule and have very consistent ring game action as well. On average their traffic is about half of Poker Stars, but they have excellent action in the middle limits and almost anything you want when it comes to no limit cash games. Players should be able to find almost any game they want at anytime with Full Tilt Poker. Some patience might be required from time to time, but it’s definitely worth it.

Best Poker Bonuses


Bodog Poker has set themselves apart from other American poker rooms by offering some amazing bonuses. Bodog is home to the infamous 10% unlimited bonus, among others. With Bodog’s 10% unlimited bonus, players will get a bonus credited to their account for 10% of their deposited amount. Since it is unlimited, the only holdback here is how much you are able to deposit. You will need to rollover your deposited amount plus the bonus 15 times to be able to withdraw the bonus. You may however withdraw your initial deposited amount at any time.

It is important to note that in addition to the excellent deposit bonus, Bodog currently offers monthly bonuses of 100% up to $500. These are offered to all players and you can claim them each and every month! This is an excellent way to keep your bankroll at sufficient levels and help absorb some of the swings.

Runner up (Full Tilt Poker)

Coming in a close second to Bodog is Full Tilt Poker. This excellent room has been offering one of the largest initial sign up bonuses for many years and it’s not going anywhere! New depositors at Full Tilt Poker will get a 100% deposit bonus up to $600! That is a lot of money and can make a huge difference in your initial bankroll. It would be smart to get a hold of both the bonus at Full Tilt and the bonus at Bodog.

Best Player Experience

Full Tilt Poker

When Full Tilt blasted on to the scene they brought with them some great new innovations to online poker. The software is rich and colorful and the interface is a welcome change from other rooms. Additionally, Full Tilt has come up with some other excellent innovations that keep it on the cutting edge of the player experience. Full Tilt Poker is the absolute best online poker room to play against the pros at. They have so many excellent professional players on their team that you can pretty much find one to play against anytime you want. Now, you might ask yourself “should I really want to play against a professional?” Most likely the answer is no, because pros are very good, but the advantage is that you can learn from the best in the world and have fun all at the same time! Remember, sometimes you need to just kick back and play poker for fun and leave the money behind. Full Tilt Poker is an excellent place for this.

Runner up (Poker Stars)

Although already on our list, the second place here has to be the infamous Poker Poker Stars has some of the best software in the industry and it has been perfected for poker players. It may not be as flashy as Full Tilt’s but it offers rock solid consistency and it’s fast. Additionally, Poker Stars has no shortage of professional players so you have a good chance of running into several big name players there too. Another site that definitely ranks high for player experience is Ultimate Bet. Ultimate Bet is home to many famous pros like Phil Helmuth and David Ulliot, plus they have blazing fast software and a lot of good promotions.

Best Player Rewards and Continuing Bonuses


Although Bodog Poker might take the cake for the best initial bonus, the undisputed king of reload bonuses is without a doubt Absolute Poker. Absolute Poker offers a ridiculous amount of reload bonuses. Most of the time you can find one at a very minimum on a weekly basis and sometimes you can find reload bonuses several days in a row. The trick to Absolute’s reload bonuses is to pay attention and always be on the lookout. Remember, they aren’t going to just give you a bonus for nothing, you will always need to make a deposit and usually some type of code is required, but not always. Another thing to keep in mind is that they usually offer reloads around holidays so make sure to pay special attention during these time periods so that you can maximize your bonus earnings.

Absolute Poker does have an attractive initial deposit bonus also, offering players a bonus of 100% up to $500. With a solid deposit bonus and the best in reload bonuses, Absolute poker is probably one of the best sites for a new player to start at. As you begin learning Texas Hold’em and other poker games, it can get expensive, so to know that Absolute Poker is on your side by constantly offering up new bonuses, you can really put yourself in a better position to become a winning player faster.

Absolute poker also offers players an excellent VIP program. With their VIP program, players are rewarded points for how often they play. These points can then be used to buy awesome prizes in the Absolute rewards store. It gets better though. If you are able to advance to the highest levels of the Absolute VIP club, you will be gifted with things such as nine percent interest on your poker balance, three month status level retention, one on one client care and much more. You don’t have to be a high roller to take advantage though, Absolute offers tiered rewards across the spectrum and even at the lowest level players are still eligible for special invite events and extra bonses.This is hands down the best VIP rewards program in the industry.

Runner up (

It would be unfair to include just one runner up in this category. The bottom line is that no one really comes close to Absolutes amazing reload offers. Bodog’s 100% up to $500 monthly reload is definitely worth a mention, but in the long run it really doesn’t compare to the kind of money that Absolute poker has offered up over the years (and will continue to into the future). Poker Stars offers reloads occasionally but they usually aren’t very big. You certainly will want to keep an eye out for them, but if reloads and other bonuses are what bring you to the table, Poker Stars probably isn’t the site for you.

Other US Poker Sites worthy of mention

Although the above poker sites might be considered the best of the best, it wouldn’t be right not to mention some of the other great American poker rooms out there. The Microgaming poker network offers several excellent poker rooms that all accept American Business. One of the best Microgaming poker rooms is Doyle’s Room. They offer an excellent array of tournaments and good player rewards. If you are looking to play no limit games, Doyle’s Room should be one of the first you check out.

Ultimate Bet is another outstanding poker room that accepts American players. The reason Ultimate Bet was not listed above with any of the “bests” is because they are just really good at everything. They may not be the best at any one category, but they are a consistent provider of great bonuses, good rewards and as good of traffic as any site out there. In fact, Ultimate Bet is a shoe in for the runner up with Full Tilt in terms of traffic, but it is important to emphasize that Ultimate Bet could probably take the prize in any of the categories above depending on who you ask.

Ultimate Bet has some of the best software available, it is ultra fast and very smooth, plus it has good features and innovations. Software problems or issues are rarely if ever a distraction when playing on Ultimate Bet. They are also well known for their tournaments. Players can find guaranteed prize pool tournaments all week and a plethora of other multi table and single table tournaments around the clock. Ultimate Bet truly offers a total experience when it comes to online poker. Don’t worry about ring games either; they have very consistent action across most levels.

Poker Sites Rated Final Thoughts

Although some big poker rooms like Party Poker and Poker Room don’t service American players anymore, the best in the world still do. Long before legislation had any ill effects on gaming, Poker Stars was a close second to Party Poker for the biggest room in the world. They have weathered the storm gracefully and offer unparalleled service to American Poker players.

You won’t really find a room that disappoints if you stick to the ones we have mentioned in this article. Every single room mentioned here is done so for a reason, because they are the best and because they take care of their players. There are still rooms out there that don’t, so it’s crucial to know what you are looking for when choosing a poker room. Rest assured that all the rooms listed here offer excellent customer service, good banking options and excellent security. Figure out what the most important things to you are in an online poker room and then use the advice here in our guide to find the right poker room. Once you have found it, put on your poker face and go play. We can guarantee there is a table ready for you!