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BodogPoker Review

By: KJames

Bodog poker may be the softest competition of any US poker sites and is a great choice for a poker player looking to become a winning online player. The reason there are such soft games at Bodog is because it is known as a sportsbook and casino. If you create an account at Bodog you have access to their poker room, sportsbook and casino. This means that players who are just looking for entertainment and aren't savy poker players come and dump chips on whoever happens to be at the poker table.

I am an average player who makes money while playing at Bodog. The tournaments are below average in skill level and I recently won a 248 person tournament, netting $550 because of the simple fact I didn't play bad hands. I limited myself to premium starting hands and I was able to get first in the tournament. The competition is so soft that when I was heads up in the tournament playing for $200 dollars (the difference between 1st and 2nd) and my opponent had twice as many chips as I had, I was able to win because the player went all-in every hand. I used my strategy I had all tournament and waited for a good hand and ended up busting the player after about 20 hands. The player basically handed me the money with such beginner heads up play.

Bodog Referral Code

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Bodog offers a unique bonus giving players an instant 10% on their deposit (up to $50). This means there are no play requirements to receive this money and you can play with the added money right away. The only stipulation on the bonus money is you can't withdraw it without playing a certain number of hands or casino play. Bodog also has increased their bonus for poker poker players by adding a 100% bonus on top of the 10%. The 100% bonus is not instant and for every 10 poker points you accumulate in the first 30 days you will receive $1 dollar.

Bodog Life Poker Software

Bodog is all about style and they offer a fresh take on the normally boring poker software . Their lobby and poker tables are a bit different from other poker rooms but I have come to enjoy the differences. The poker table is made up of an avatar and a red background. The action moves fast with each player's poker hand highlighted if the action is on them. Once you fold your hand they fade out your hole cards but keep them on the table so you are able to see what you were dealt throughout the duration of the hand. This feature is nice if you are like me and forget what you held and are interested in what you could have had.

They also have a tabbed window system which is unique to Bodog but is an option that players can choose if they would like to use or instead have the traditional separate window for the lobby and each table. If you are using the tabbed option and want to look at the poker lobby Bodog offers a small version of your table in the left corner of the lobby screen so you are able to play while browsing the lobby.

Bodog Cash Games

There is a lot of action at the smaller to mid stakes no limit hold-em poker tables at The popular cash games are the $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200 max tables. Each limit has about 10 full tables of players. I have also found that if you can't find any games with spots available you can sit down and start your own game pretty easily. Bodog Life also offers higher stakes at the $1000 and $2000 max tables with around 3 full tables of each limit.

Bodog offers Texas Hold-em in many variations including no limit, pot limit and fixed limit. They have Omaha with the option to play Hi or Hi/Lo. There are usually a couple tables of Omaha going but definitely not as popular as Hold-em. They also offer Stud with 5 card, 7 card and 7 card Hi/Lo which are usually pretty dead.

Bodog - Tournaments

Here is where Bodog really shines because their poker tournaments are so advantageous for the poker player. I really like playing in a tournament with 150-300 players because there is a good size prize pool and you don't have to feel like the field is so large it is going to take all day and be impossible to make the final table. Nearly every poker tournament at Bodog is about this size with lots of them being guaranteed. This brings me to my next point, Bodog is the king of overlays! Many of their poker tournaments have added money because they guarantee more money than players buy-ins. This means that even before you start the tournament you are already a winner!

For example: I was playing in a $30+$ dollar buy-in tournament that had a $5000 guaranteed prize pool. Only 135 players played the tournament so Bodog had to add $545 dollars to the prize pool or an average of $4 dollars per player. This may not seem like a lot but it is and it adds up.

Even bigger is the current 2008 WSOP Satellites that are running at Bodog. They have semi-finals satellites (guarantying one player will qualify for the main event) nearly everyday with a buy-in of $250+$20. The last 3 tournaments that have been played had: 43, 33 and 35 players. This means in the Bodog 2008 WSOP satellites they are adding anywhere from $2000-$4000 since each tournament has a buy-in to the main event worth $12,000. This is the best place to qualify for the 2008 WSOP since you have to beat less people to win your seat. Deposits and Withdraws

Bodog makes it easy to deposit for us poker players. They accept credit cards, checking/debit cards and also gift cards that are Visa or Mastercard. I have not had trouble depositing but if you don't have access to a credit card they also accept eWalletXpress, Click2Pay, Rapid Transfer and Money Transfer.

The minimum deposit at Bodog is $20 dollars and the max is $500 per deposit.

Players that deposit with a credit card will need to provide a credit card verification form to withdraw winnings. This is to prove your identity with Bodog and you will need to fax or email them a complete form along with your ID and a copy of the credit card. It definitely takes a couple minutes to fill out the form and fax the information but once you have done this step you will not need to do it again.

Bodog Life Support

Bodog has great support with a telephone number and email address that players can use to contact support. It is displayed on the right hand corner of the poker lobby and tables so you never have to search through fine print to find it. The call wait when using their phone number is very fast and there is nearly no wait time. If you email Bodog they strive to get back to you within 15 minutes and do a good job of keeping within that time table.

Additional Details on Bodog
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