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Aced Poker

By: KJames Poker Bonus

Bonus Code: Aced Live offer a first time deposit bonus of 200% up to $500.  The bonus is then released in increments of $5. It was recently changed from $50 increments to $5 which will help you will see bonus dollars faster!

You will need to earn 250 points for one bonus dollar. So if you deposited $100 dollars you will need to earn 50,000 points. But don't let the number scare you it is pretty easy to rack up points. calculates points by the stakes you are playing so if you are playing $.10/$.20 - $.50/1$ you will receive 3 points, 5 points for every raked hand at the $1/$2-$3/6 limit and 10 points for $5/$10 and up.

Aced Poker Software is using the merge network for their software and also sharing their players with other skins on the network. Other poker rooms on the network include Carbon Poker, Iron Duke Poker and PDC Poker. If you are unfamiliar with the poker skin concept it just means that multiple poker rooms use the same software and share poker players. So a player can sign up with any of the poker rooms and play the same cash games and tournaments.

I think the strongest asset of Aced is the poker software. The first thing you will notice when you start up the Aced poker room is everything is tabbed. This is different then other poker rooms that usually open up new windows. It is a nice featureif you don't like a lot of clutter on your screen but if you multi-table or want the new window, this is easy to do by going to settings>window.

The Aced poker lobby is what you would expect, one thing that I have found is if you turn the filter on and take the check mark off play money tables it is much easier to focus on real money tables. Also the default way they list games is not by stakes which most poker rooms sort by. I usually re-sort it by stakes just because I am a creature of habit and like looking at the poker lobby this way.

Aced has a couple cool features that poker rooms don't have like rabbit hunting, ability to expose one card, dealing twice (which is a bit weird, but you make that call) and of course the bad beat jackpot. - AcedPoker

Aced Cash Games is really good for low limit NL cash game players. They bulk of their traffic plays in the $.10/$.20 NL hold-em tables. They also have a lot of action at $.25/$.50 and $1/$2 NL games. Once you get to $2/$4 NL there are usually a couple games being played while above $3/$6 NL you will be hard pressed to find much more then one table. The network is still growing and the cash games have been a bit more lively as of late but if you are use to playing higher stakes then this may not be the poker site for you. Poker Tournaments

Aced poker tournaments are usually run with about 40 - 100 players. This means that the guaranteed aren't very big and usually around $1000. This is great for players that want to actually win a tournament with the small pool of players it becomes more feasible to make the final table.  The buy-in's are usually around $5-10 dollars.

They also run a lot of poker tournaments with overlays so players can win by just playing in the tournament because there will be more money in the prize pool then players paid to the prize pool because of it being guaranteed. I personally like playing in these because its a great feeling knowing you need to beat less players then at another poker site to make more money! Deposits and Withdraws

Aced has a variety of deposit options with the easiest being Visa and Mastercard. They also offer e-wallets eWalletXpress, Click2Pay, Pic-Club, Fonelinx. Wire transfers are also accepted with a minimum of $100 dollars. Credit cards have a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $500. The eWallets excluding Fonelinx ($25) have a minimum of $10 dollar deposits.

Withdrawing from Aced has a couple options including check, Pic-Club, eWalletXpress and Click2Pay. If you used a credit card then your best bet would be a check.

AcePoker Support

Aced currently only offers players email support. Although, if you are depositing and it is declined they will send you an email with a link to live chat support to help you find a deposit option.

Hopefully in the future they will have a live chat support option for any problem rather then just depositing but for now email support is your only avenue to get help at Aced.

Additional Details
URL:, and Aced

If you are looking to get Aced Rakeback then check out Automated Poker Rakeback.

If you are looking for a room with higher stakes then I suggest Poker or Full Tilt Poker. They are currently #1 and #2 respectively for player traffic and have the largest online games in the world.

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