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Texas Hold-em

Texas Hold’em, which is also simply referred to as just hold’em, is the most popular community poker card game in the United States. As a community card game, players must use a combination of the cards in their hands with the cards in the community pot in order to create the best poker hand possible.

How to Play Texas Hold-em

With Texas Hold’em, each player receives two cards and the community pot holds five cards. Players can use any combination of the two cards in their hands with the five cards in the community pot to make their final hand.

When it comes to betting, each player must contribute to the pot in order to remain in the game. Most Texas Hold’em games also incorporate small and big blinds, which are bets that are forced by two players. Antes, which are forced bets that must be contributed by all players, are also generally included in the betting structure.

The small blind is a bet that must be placed by the person to the left of the dealer while the big blind is placed by the person to the left of the person placing the small blind. Usually, the big blind is equal to the minimum bet while the small blind is half the amount of the big blind, though there are other structures that may be used for determining these amounts. Since the dealer rotates clockwise after each hand, the person placing the small and big blinds also changes. If players drop out of the game and only two players remain, the two players follow “heads up” rules. When this happens, the person that dealt the cards places the small blind and the other player places the big blind.

Limit Hold'em Rules and Bets

There are three common variations of this popular game: limit hold’em, no limit hold’em, and pot limit hold’em. Limit hold’em is the most common variation played in the United States. With this variation, raises and bets and raises placed pre-flop and flop – which is when the first three face up cards are placed on the table – are referred to as small bets. During the next two rounds, which are referred to as “turn” and “river,” the bets and raises placed must be equivalent to two times the big blind amount. As such, these are referred to as the big bet.

No Limit Hold'em Rules and Bets

With the no limit hold’em is most commonly played with tournament poker games broadcast on television, such as the World Series of Poker. With this variation, the players can bet or raise any amount they want, as long as it is more than a specified minimum. A player can also raise again after a raise has already been made, but the re-raise must be equal to at least the amount that was previously raised.

When it comes to dealing the hands, the two face down cards are dealt first. Each player then places a bet based on these cards, which are referred to as pocket cards or as the player’s hole. Betting begins with the player to the left of the player playing the big blind and then continues in a clockwise fashion. Players must either place a bet or fold. The dealer than deals out three face up cards for the community and a second round of betting takes place. Then a fourth card is added to the community cards, another round of betting takes place, and then the final face up card is dealt out before the final round of betting takes place. All of the players remaining then engage in a showdown, which consists of revealing their hands. The player with the best poker hand wins the pot.

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