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Multi Table Poker Strategy


Making the Jump to Multiple Tables

Once you have grasped the basics of poker and start to show a profit from your daily grind, many poker players decide to begin playing multiple tables simultaneously. Multi-tabling is a logical step in boosting your profits, and a luxury one cannot benefit from when playing live poker. However, playing poker online, you are able to reap the benefits of multi-tabling. Along with a better hourly rate, effective multi-tablers seek to reduce or cut down variance, as they are able to play many more hands over the same period.

Before making the jump to playing multiple poker games at once or adding additional tables to your poker session, here are some suggestions to make your transition to multi-tabling a bit easier:

Reduce or Eliminate Distractions

When playing multiple tables, making great decisions in the shortest time possible is of paramount importance. Each hand we play, we have to take in information on each hand as quickly and efficiently as possible. We must do everything we can to reduce our time spent making decisions. One of the best ways to make the decision making process more efficient is to eliminate any and all visual distractions unrelated to the poker decision making process.

Some of the obvious distractions are the TV, radio and telephone; however, player avatars also serve to distract us from time to time. Additionally, turning off the animations and speech bubbles help to maintain focus and cut back on useless visual info. You always want to make sure you are able to focus completely and exclusively on the task, which is winning money over multiple tables playing at the best poker sites. Getting rid of anything that is not supporting our effort to profit at the poker tables is the first step in our multi-tabling efforts.

Organize Your Screen

As you up the number of tables you're playing, you often engage in different games. It is not uncommon to play a few 1-2 No Limit Holdem tables, a double-up sit n go, as well as a 3-6 limit table or two all at once. As you play more games, it becomes harder to recognize instantly which exact poker variation you are playing. Keeping games organized from the start will help you as you begin to add more tables. If your eyes normally gravitate to the right side of the screen like mine do, you might wish to place your poker tables where you have the most money at risk on the right of your screen. If you have a game requiring more attention than the others, such as a 5-10 no limit table from while you're playing three other 1-2 nl tables on PokerStars - you may also choose to place that poker game where your eyes naturally gravitate. .

By having the more important tables in the spot where my eyes naturally are drawn, you are better able to observe those tables and note the betting patterns, and habits of my opposition. However you decide to organize your screen's layout, having a regular system for your screen will certainly improve your multi-tabling capability. The more comfortable you become with your system, the more natural and familiar your multi-tabling system will seem. The end result - you will be more comfortable playing several games of poker at once.

Avoid Marginal Situations

When playing many tables at once, avoiding marginal spots is perhaps the most important key to successful multi-tabling play. When you have several tables going at once, trying to be tricky is going to get you in trouble. You may profitably play a tricky type of game; however, you will find it both frustrating and difficult to profit from fancy plays when playing many tables at once.

Additionally, you will want to play from the blinds a lot less than normal while multi-tabling. You want to focus on playing more position and playing aggressively, as opposed to playing hands out of position to exploit mistakes of your opposing poker players.

Review your Session Statistics Regularly

After each session, be sure you review your statistics regularly. Use your favorite poker tracking software, such as PokerOffice. Make note of any potential holes you come across in your poker game. Be certain you are not playing too many hands from out of position. Check to ensure you are sufficiently raising preflop when entering the pot. Also verify you are avoiding marginal situations and folding marginal hands. Additionally, you should be making notes of the other player's tendencies and betting patterns so that you have additional information on your opposition ready for your next session.

Maximize multi table poker profits

Multi-tabling is a luxury all online poker players have. By multi-tabling, we can increase our win rates, and see many more hands of poker in a day than many people see in a year. Remaining organized, eliminating distractions, and avoiding hands and situations that will get us into trouble will help to maximize profits and turn us into multi-tabling machines.