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Phil Ivey Banks $500k Win Against Kagome Kagome

According to the high-stakes poker tracking site, Phil Ivey massacred the German Limit Holdem specialist Kagome Kagome in a 500 hand session of $3,000/$6,000 Limit Holdem in which ‘Kagome Kagome’ lost some $500k to Phil Ivey.

‘Kagome Kagome’ detailed the losses to another high-stakes poker player, David Oppenheim, and despite the massive loss he was able to maintain a little humor –calling Ivey a “lucky *****”—during his quick conversation with Oppenheim:

Kagome Kagome: ivey just beat me

Kagome Kagome: for 500k

Kagome Kagome: i wanna rather sleep

Kagome Kagome: 🙂

David Oppenheim: oh ok sorry to hear

Kagome Kagome: that lucky &&%%

Kagome Kagome: 😉

Kagome Kagome: haha anyway

Kagome Kagome: catch me tomorrow

David Oppenheim: lol get him tomorrow

Kagome Kagome: ill be around

David Oppenheim: see ya'

The still unnamed German who originally played under the name ‘IHateJuice’ before changing his screen-name to Kagome Kagome at the behest of Full Tilt Poker –apparently some people were misinterpreting the meaning of the original name—has been getting slaughtered ever since the name change, and according to is now down around $800k for the year.

With the win Ivey has pulled himself out of the red for the first time in 2011, and now has him up some $300k for the year.


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