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Isildur1’s Identity Finally Revealed at PokerStars PCA

Isildur1 may have only been a Team PokerStars Pro for the better part of a few weeks at this point, but questions regarding his closely-guarded identity have been a major topic of discussion in the poker community since he first appeared at the Full Tilt Poker tables in late 2009. Saturday night PokerStars finally put the speculation to rest during the dinner break of the PCA Super-High-Roller tournament, as isildur1, who could no longer hide behind an online poker screen-name, took on Bertrand “ElkY” Grosspelier in a LIVE heads-up match.

Now that I’ve buried the lead I may as well keep the drama going! ElkY was the first of the two to sit down at the table, and then from behind a black curtain came Isildur1, who was revealed to be Swedish poker pro Viktor Blom.

Blom has always been the #1 suspect in the “Who is isildur1” game, despite denying it numerous times. Now the poker world has its answer as to the identity of the most talked about online poker player over the last year+: Even if it was all but academic.

In addition to the heads-up match against ElkY, and then an online qualifier from PokerStars, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom will also be taking questions from the assembled media that is on hand for both the PCA, and for the Isildur1 outing, which PokerStars tipped off the press to a few days ago.

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