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Evelyn Ng

Evelyn NG Bodog PokerEvelyn Ng is one of the biggest female names in the world of poker. Yet, this poker superstar actually got her gambling skills from a career of playing pool. Born September 14, 1975, Ng started playing pool for money when she was only 14 years old. By the time she was 17, she was playing poker in the backrooms of her hometown in Toronto, Canada. It was while playing in these various establishments that Ng met her friend and mentor, Daniel Negreanu.

Ng, who is often referred to as Evy or as Evybabee, quickly improved her skills with the help of Negreanu. When she was 21, Negreanu took her to Las Vegas so she could meet a variety of different professional poker players. It was then that Ng decided she could make a living playing poker and, soon after, she moved to Vegas.

After moving to Vegas, Ng got a job as a blackjack and poker dealer. She used this experience to learn more about the playing styles of other players. With this knowledge, she was able to further improve her playing skills. In 2003, she decided to enter a satellite tournament for the World Poker Tour Ladies Night. She was able to win herself a seat and ultimately took second place in the event. In doing so, she beat out more established female poker players such as Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Harman, and Annie Duke.

Ng has gone on to enjoy many poker victories. In 2005, she came in 11th at the Borgata Poker Open. In May 2006, she took seventh place at the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker Tournament. Ng is also a regular at Bellagio, which she has described as being the “epicenter of poker action in Vegas.” She also enjoys playing at the Mirage, which she feels has a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Ng is known for playing solid poker and for remaining calm while playing, even when experiences a loss. She is also recognized for her ability to perform difficult chip tricks and is considered to be an ambidextrous chip trick pro because of her ability to perform the “butterfly” trick, which has become her signature move. Performing these tricks helps her to distract her opponents and gain a small edge during the game.

Ng was initially part of Team PokerStars. Today, she has formed a partnership with and she became a member of their Poker Pro Team in 2006. When participating in her many online and offline poker events, she serves as a sponsored Bodog pro.

Although she hasn’t actually won a poker tournament yet, Ng is one of the most recognized female faces in poker. She has also appeared on several television shows. These include Poker After Dark, Poker Royale, King of Vegas, and NBC’s National Heads Up Poker Championship. She was also part of the World Poker Tour as both an invited guest and as a dealer to the celebrities. In addition, she is a featured character in the videogame Stacked. She also claims to enjoy playing videogames and considers herself to be a “media-junkie.”