Best Poker Sites for 2010

eWallet eXpress

eWallet Express DepositEwallet Xpress also known as Ewallet Express is fast and reliable payment processor much like Neteller or Moneybookers. It allows American players to create and electronic account and then fund it with their bank account. There is a slight delay when you first sign up because you will have to wait for some verification deposits to your bank account, but after that you can deposit instantly.

Although Ewallet Express is a good service, it is limited right now in the amount of rooms that offer it and the minimum deposit amount may be a little high for newer players. For most rooms the minimum deposit appears to be in between $150 and $200. The rooms that offer it do usually offer a generous deposit bonus for using Ewallet Express.

Ewallet is especially nice because it offers players a couple of different funding methods. You can use your bank/checking account to do an electronic debit and you can also do an Interac email money transfer if your bank participates in the program. Ewallet also offers a payment option through 900pay in which you can use your phone to fund up to $150 a month. It’s not a lot but it certainly can get you going in a bind. Ewallet also has an online bill pay funding method which allows you to use your own banks online bill pay service to fund your account the same day or within 48 hours. There is a $1.50 charge for same day service. Ewallet is an excellent growing service that allows American poker players a lot of reliable options for funding their poker accounts.

Poker Sites that Accept eWallet eXpress

Bodog Life

  • Min Deposit - $20, Max Deposit - $5,000

Absolute Poker

  • Min Deposit - $25, Max Deposit - $1,500 (24 hours), $5,000 (7 days), $15,000 (30 days)