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Las Vegas Tips

Las Vegas is a great place to go but planning a trip can be confusing. There are hundreds of websites that offer the "best" Vegas deals or they will tell you that they have a great Vegas deal package.... but you don't need any of that. I have compiled some simple tips that I have found that will help make your planning and visit to Las Vegas a breeze.

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Tips

1. Do you want to be on the strip? This is important because if you are off the strip and are planning on spending your time at the strip then I would save yourself taxi rides and stay at a Las Vegas Strip Hotel. They aren't that much more expensive and you will end up saving money because taxi's aren't cheap because of the constant strip traffic any taxi ride will cost you more than $10 dollars.

2. Regular Room, Suite or Kitchenette Suite? There are many choices when booking a hotel room. Every hotel has a regular room while most have suites and some even have suites with kitchenettes. I have found that eating out is expensive in Las Vegas and can really kill your gambling or entertainment bankroll. One trick that has saved me money is pay extra to have a suite with a kitchen (split it with some friends) and eat all your meals in your hotel room.

3. Where are you going to gamble? If you are planning on gambling at a certain casino then I would stay either at that hotel or stay at a hotel that is next to it. There is nothing worse than taking a taxi all the way across the strip because you don't want to gamble at the casino you are closest to.

4. Free Upgrade? Yes, Please! If you are feeling confident and want to impress your friends then there is nothing better than using the $20 dollar trick. If you have previously booked your hotel room then you are ready to go.

When you are checking into your hotel room give the desk clerk your credit card and drivers license with $20 dollars between them. (Make sure its not visible to other desk clerks or managers). Then ask the clerk if they have any complimentary upgrades available. Most desk clerks know what this means and will check between your cards to see if you have a tip for them.

They will then tell you that they will check to see what they can do.If they are able to upgrade you they will explain what they can do (upgrade room view or even suite) then will pocket your $20. If they can't find any upgrades then they will simply give you back your $20 dollars. Usually on a big weekend it is much harder for them to upgrade you but it's always worth trying.

Las Vegas Players Card

5. Get a Players Card! Many casino guests think that players cards are for high rollers or gambling addicts...they are...but they are also good for regular players. For example, at the MGM Grand if you play 4 hours at a poker table (doesn't matter the limit) they will take $40 dollars off your room! They also offer free meals, rooms or even discounts on shows...

6. Wait to Book Your Room! If you are going to Las Vegas on a 3 day weekend or during a big convention then hotel rates are hiked up. What I suggest you do is wait until about one or two weeks left to book your room. Some of the hotels will be sold out at this time but others will want to fill to capacity and actually drop their prices to make sure this happens. This is a great time to book your room and you will get a great price (This works well at the MGM Grand).

Also, there are too many hotels for Las Vegas to completely sell out but if you are worried you can always book a hotel room at cheaper hotel and since you have up to 48 hours before being charged to cancel...cancel when you find a better hotel with a good hotel room price.

7. Booking at hotel website is the way to go! You should never pay full price for a Las Vegas hotel room. You should always do some online research and find the best deal. There are deal sites that post deals for Las Vegas hotel rooms including TravelZoo, Slickdeals and Fatwallet.

MGM Reservations
- If you are going to stay at a hotel and casino that is owned by MGM Mirage then check out the MGM Reservations page. This page has a link to all the hotels owned by the MGM, pick a hotel and check the right side of the page and find the list of promotions...Click each of them and compare the prices that they quote (each usually has a different price) and also what they offer...Most will have casino credits or Vegas show credits plus a discounted room price!