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Las Vegas Flights

If you are looking to travel to Las Vegas then you are in luck. Most major airports have great deals when you book in advance to Las Vegas. Most flights are round trip and if you are on the west coast will only take you a couple hours. Also, most airlines fly to Las Vegas so you will have a lot of selection when booking your flight which means there is a great chance you will get a cheap flight to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Flights

If you are flexible with times then you are bound to get a great rate to Vegas. If you can take the day off on Friday do it! If you leave Thursday night you will get a cheaper rate (since most people fly to Las Vegas on Friday) and getting a taxi and checking into your hotel will be much easier with less of a crowd. If that hasn't convinced you then you should realize that it is much easier to get into clubs because it is locals night on Thursday and let's be honest, if you are with a lot of will be begging on Friday and Saturday night to get in.

The same goes for leaving on Monday. There is a huge rush on Sunday in the middle of the day to check out, take a taxi and catch flights. If you can, I would try to leave on Monday morning and hang out by the pool on Sunday and enjoy a relaxing day in Las Vegas (Yes, Vegas can be relaxing).

If you can't leave to Vegas on Thursday and come back on Monday (not many can) then I would say try to pick one. So leave on Thursday and come back on Sunday or travel on Friday and come back monday...It is worth it, trust me.

Las Vegas Flight Deals

If you are looking for a reason to go to Vegas then there is no better way to get yourself to book then a great deal on flight and hotel. There are a couple places that you should check before you go out and try to do it all yourself.
Costco Travel -  If you are a costco member then this is a great resource to use. You can book a flight and hotel room at the same time for a lot less then doing both separate. Another great thing about costco travel to Las Vegas is they have all the high class hotels including Wynn and Bellagio and for the budget Vegas travelers they have MGM Grand, Exaclibur and Planet Hollywood all at great prices.

Southwest Vacations - This is another great place to find deals when traveling to Las Vegas. Southwest Vacations uses Southwest Airline (so if your local airport doesn't fly southwest this isn't the deal for you) but if it does you can get a great deal on a flight and hotel in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Airlines

If you do decide to book your hotel and flight seperate then here are a couple suggestions for who to fly with.

Virgin America - Relatively new to flying in the States but has flights cheaper then American and United and is much nicer with a TV screen and comfortable seats. Also, they don't charge you per checked in bag! Also, you don't need to book as far in advance as Southwest to get cheap flights.

Southwest - You can't beat the savings at Southwest if you book far in advance. Southwest prices go up fast when it gets closer to the time so its a great way to fly cheap to Vegas if you know a couple months in advance.