Best Poker Sites for 2010 Las Vegas Weekend Trip Report

By Kjames
I was invited to a weekend in Las Vegas thanks to Aced Poker. Brandon Berndt (Aced Affiliate Manager) selected a handful of affiliates and flew us all out to Las Vegas and gave us each a room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I had never stayed at the Hard Rock and have to say it is a great spot. They just opened a new poker room which was really nice.The Hard Rock crowd was also on the younger side(20's and 30's) compared to the older crowd found at the Bellagio and Wynn. The rock memorabilia through out the hotel was a nice touch also.

The Aced brand is not your normal online poker brand and they made sure our Vegas trip was not just a normal trip either. Aced went all out and made the weekend unforgettable with VIP treatment that only the biggest high rollers experience.

Penthouse HRH Model Search - Friday and Saturday night they took us to a VIP party in the Penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. When we walked in they handed us 5 chips and told us to give each of them to our favorite girls. There were  20 hot models all looking to get our votes...awesome! They had an open bar with top shelf alcohol and in the suite there was a bowling alley and hot tub!

Nobu - I am not a huge fan of seafood but I have to say this restaurant may have changed my mind. Nobu was awesome and everything they brought out was excellent. I never saw a menu, they just started bringing out food and I couldn't believe how good it was. Next time I am in Las Vegas (later this month) I will definitely be going to Nobu.

Body English - Body English is the main club at the Hard Rock Hotel and on Saturday night after partying in the Penthouse suite we headed to the club. We had our own table in the middle of the club (it was definitely the best spot with the dance floor surrounding it) and had 2 bottles of grey goose and a bottle of champagne. There was even a body guard standing by our table who told us if we needed anything to let him know. Poker Tournament - Aced hosted a private poker tournament for us at the Hard Rocket Hotel Poker Room. First prize was $750, second prize $500 and third was $250. I got 3rd place after suffering a bad beat on the river but it was all good. I had a great time playing and I was just glad I wasn't the bubble boy who was eliminated a couple hands before I was.

The weekend was awesome and I could keep writing about everything we did but Graham over at iPokerAffiliate did a great job detailing the trip. Also check out John's recap at PaidTheCost.

I want to give a big shout out to They will be the flagship poker site on the merge poker network and I see big things for them in 2009.