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Why is now

Question: Why does Bodog now use and as their domain name? Why not just stick with

Answered by: Kendall

This has definitely been a hot topic over the past year and it wasn't bodog's idea to switch domain names. They were forced to when they lost their domain name in a patent dispute with 1st Tech.

1st Tech was able to win a default judgment of $49 million dollars and the Bodog domain name. Bodog then challenged the ruling and was granted temporary use of another domain name. Bodog originally switched its operations to but then a week later decided that Bodog Life would be their new home. Bodog is currently appealing the original ruling and the court has yet to make a decision on the case.

Since the switch to Bodog Life nothing has changed at Bodog. They are still the same company with the same employee's, websites and online gaming offerings. Bodog has not skipped a beat since the domain switch. They are now more popular then ever and their re-branding process was a success with no visible down turn in traffic or service.

It will be interesting to see if Bodog wins their original domain name in the proceeding court battle. It could take years so this question may be a long standing one but will Bodog keep Bodog as their main domain or go back to

....Well thats another question for another day.

Supplemental Reading

-Press release from the Bodog affiliate department about the domain name switch.

- Bodog Founder, Calvin Ayre's response of the forced switch to Bodog Life.

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